Identification Product name: 1-bromo-3-nitrobenzene
Product name: 1-bromo-3-nitrobenzene
Molecular formula:  C6H4BrNO2 Molecular weight:  202
Structural formula:  
CAS No: 585-79-5 RTECS No:  CY9040500
HS code: 2904909090 UN No:  /
Dangerous goods code:  61688 IMDG Code Page:  
Physical and Chemical Properties Appearance and properties:  light yellow crystal; Soluble in ethanol, benzene and ether, soluble in water.
Uses:  Organic synthesis intermediate, used in 3-bromoaniline and so on. .
Melting point:  51-54 °C Boiling point:  256.5℃
Relative density (water=1):  1.7036 Moisture ≤:  0.05%
1-bromo-3-nitrobenzene Assay ≥  99% PH value:  6.0~8.0
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): - Solubility: Soluble in ethanol, benzene and ether, soluble in water
Critical temperature (℃): - Critical pressure (MPa): -
Heat of combustion (kj/mol): -
Combustion and explosion hazard Conditions to avoid: -water pollution
Flammability: -flammable Building regulation fire insurance classification:: -
Flash point (℃): >110°C Self-Ignition temperature(℃): -
Lower explosive limit (V%): - Upper explosive limit (V%): -
Hazardous characteristics: Flame flammable; Heated decompound and release toxic bromide and Nitrogen oxides gas
Combustion (decomposition) products: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen bromide, Nitrogen oxide. Stability: -
Incompatible materials: strong oxidizing agents, Strong reductant, Strong alkali. Polymerization hazards: -
Fire fighting methods : Carbon dioxide, Sandy soil, foam, Water mist
Risk category: - - -
Packaging and transportation Packing group: III
Directions for storage and transportation: :  Ventilated, dry warehouse at low temperature; no mix with food materoial and oxidant
1-bromo-3-nitrobenzene quality index
Item Index value
Appearance   light yellow crystal
Molecular formula   C6H4BrNO2
1-bromo-3-nitrobenzene Assay ≥ 99% 
Density (d2020) g/cm3  1.7036
PH value 6.0~8.0 
Moisture ≤ 0.05% 

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